Winning Identity

Making sense of data for golf students and their coaches.

A beautiful screenshot of the Winning Identity project.

Winning Identity is a web application developed to help golf students improve their game and golf academies improve their business. My responsibility was to design a consistent experience for golfers, coaches and academy owners.

  • Mind Mapping   
  • Information Architecture   
  • Sketching   
  • UX Design   
  • UI Design   

Being a turnkey solution, we had to keep in mind that there would be many instances of the system, with their own feature sets and colour-schemes. The navigation of the system and design of components had to work within an ever-changing ecosystem.

​The result is a set of consistently designed UI components that considers the environment where people will be using the system (golf course, driving range, classroom).

"I love your ability to distill complexity into simplicity."

-- Derek Allard - Winning Identity

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