​In the winter of 2014-2015, I re-visited my Swedish roots and partnered with Vitudden Kanotvarv (VKV) to redesign their website.

A beautiful screenshot of the VKV project.

Since 1925, VKV has hand-crafted the highest-quality kayaks, mainly for kayak enthusiasts and for hard-core kayakers.

Over the last few years, they noticed a trend towards younger families getting into kayaking as a way to connect with each other, and the beautiful outdoors Sweden has to offer.

  • Research   
  • Copywriting   
  • Design   
  • Development   
  • Responsive   
  • Expression Engine
Wireframes of some sections of the VKV site.

Together, we took a fresh look at how VKV positioned their products and messaging to develop a responsive website targeted towards today’s modern families who want to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. This involved taking a good look at the Scandinavian kayak industry, interviews with the owners about their experiences as well as analyzing their existing web analytics.

A screen shot showing VKV's 4 main kayak product lines.

Since the redesign, the site has experienced a significant uptick in traffic and an increase in online inquiries, and has reaffirmed VKV as Sweden’s leading kayak builder in the digital sphere.

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