A network of web apps that helps players, coaches, instructors and parents develop hockey players.

A beautiful screenshot of the GameOn! project.

GameOn! is a system of digital tools which brings players, parents, coaches, and hockey instructors together. My responsibility was to ensure a cohesive experience through each tool which supports the needs of the people using the various components of the system.

  • User Research   
  • Persona Development   
  • Information Architecture   
  • Visual Design   
  • Prototyping   
  • User Testing   
Short personas and scenarios

Through in-person interviews within the local hockey community, I created a succinct knowledgebase of succinct personas and scenarios that the team would use to guide decisions about the product going forward, ensuring that user intentions, beliefs, values and context were always considered.

Wireframes used extensively throughout process

Wireframes were developed extensively throughout to ensure a shared understanding existed between all stakeholders. Wires were also frequently reviewed with user stakeholders before and during development.

Player evaluations html prototypes

HTML prototypes were developed to test interactions with real users, in real-life situations and settings - namely using iPads and iPhones in hockey arenas.

GameOn!'s team overview screen.

As is stands now, coaches can conduct player evaluations, instructors can rate individual players on their skills during lessons, and parent & students can view progress over the course of a player’s career.

In addition, GameOn! includes a registration system which enables hockey schools to better manage enrolment for lessons, camps and leagues and makes it easier for busy parents to sign their kids up for lessons.

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