Winning Identity

Making sense of data for golf students and their coaches.

A beautiful screenshot of the Winning Identity project.

Winning Identity is a web application developed to help golf students improve their game and golf academies improve their business. My responsibility was to design a consistent experience for golfers, coaches and academy owners.

  • Mind Mapping   
  • Information Architecture   
  • Sketching   
  • UX Design   
  • UI Design   

Being a turnkey solution, we had to keep in mind that there would be many instances of the system, with their own feature sets and colour-schemes. The navigation of the system and design of components had to work within an ever-changing ecosystem.

​The result is a set of consistently designed UI components that considers the environment where people will be using the system (golf course, driving range, classroom).

"I love your ability to distill complexity into simplicity."

-- Derek Allard - Winning Identity


A network of web apps that helps players, coaches, instructors and parents develop hockey players.

A beautiful screenshot of the GameOn! project.

GameOn! is a system of digital tools which brings players, parents, coaches, and hockey instructors together. My responsibility was to ensure a cohesive experience through each tool which supports the needs of the people using the various components of the system.

  • User Research   
  • Persona Development   
  • Information Architecture   
  • Visual Design   
  • Prototyping   
  • User Testing   
Short personas and scenarios

Through in-person interviews within the local hockey community, I created a succinct knowledgebase of succinct personas and scenarios that the team would use to guide decisions about the product going forward, ensuring that user intentions, beliefs, values and context were always considered.

Wireframes used extensively throughout process

Wireframes were developed extensively throughout to ensure a shared understanding existed between all stakeholders. Wires were also frequently reviewed with user stakeholders before and during development.

Player evaluations html prototypes

HTML prototypes were developed to test interactions with real users, in real-life situations and settings - namely using iPads and iPhones in hockey arenas.

GameOn!'s team overview screen.

As is stands now, coaches can conduct player evaluations, instructors can rate individual players on their skills during lessons, and parent & students can view progress over the course of a player’s career.

In addition, GameOn! includes a registration system which enables hockey schools to better manage enrolment for lessons, camps and leagues and makes it easier for busy parents to sign their kids up for lessons.

Woodsworth College at UofT

​Improving UX through accessibility enhancements.

A beautiful screenshot of the Woodsworth College at UofT project.

A long-standing client, Woodsworth College approached me to look for opportunities to enhance the accessibility of their website (which I developed) for people with physical and cognitive disabilities. As an educational institution, there is a requirement to meet accessibility standards.

  • accessibility - WCAG, AODA   
  • responsive design   
  • research   
A collection of Woodsworth College screenshots

​My initial research entailed understanding current WCAG requirements as well as relevant parts of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). A detailed site audit was prepared and presented to Woodsworth College leadership.

Screenshots showing how elements that are focused on are highlighted.

The improvements were vast, and included code changes, legibility enhancement and a focus on delivering content to people who use assistive devices.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Rolf as he works quickly and efficiently to meet our expectations - always cheerful in his correspondence! I am happy to add my name to the list of those who endorse his services."

-- Philip Cottrell - Woodsworth College


​In the winter of 2014-2015, I re-visited my Swedish roots and partnered with Vitudden Kanotvarv (VKV) to redesign their website.

A beautiful screenshot of the VKV project.

Since 1925, VKV has hand-crafted the highest-quality kayaks, mainly for kayak enthusiasts and for hard-core kayakers.

Over the last few years, they noticed a trend towards younger families getting into kayaking as a way to connect with each other, and the beautiful outdoors Sweden has to offer.

  • Research   
  • Copywriting   
  • Design   
  • Development   
  • Responsive   
  • Expression Engine
Wireframes of some sections of the VKV site.

Together, we took a fresh look at how VKV positioned their products and messaging to develop a responsive website targeted towards today’s modern families who want to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. This involved taking a good look at the Scandinavian kayak industry, interviews with the owners about their experiences as well as analyzing their existing web analytics.

A screen shot showing VKV's 4 main kayak product lines.

Since the redesign, the site has experienced a significant uptick in traffic and an increase in online inquiries, and has reaffirmed VKV as Sweden’s leading kayak builder in the digital sphere.

Dan Allen Financial

A responsive website for a community-focused financial planner.

A beautiful screenshot of the Dan Allen Financial project.

​Dan Allen approached me to help him tell his story to existing and prospective clients on his website.

Together, we zeroed in on his key services and the values that drive his business and packaged this in a clean and focused way.

  • Information Architecture   
  • Design   
  • Development   
  • Expression Engine
Various screenshots of Dan Allen's website.

We identified his 3 key target user groups, and told stories about how Dan’s services can help address their different challenges.

This very simple website showed Dan as a person who could empathize with his customers, and deliver real results.

Rescue Me

A responsive website for a workplace safety & training company with big plans.

A beautiful screenshot of the Rescue Me project.

Rescue Me, a highly-sought after safety training company, was ready to position itself in a way that reflected the company accurately and really spoke to their target market.

  • Research   
  • Information Architecture   
  • Wireframing   
  • Copywriting   
  • Design   
  • Development   
  • Responsive   
  • Craft
A selection of wireframes for the new Rescue Me website.

We worked together to identify what the core essence is to Rescue Me. We took a hard look at the company’s target users, what their needs were and iteratively wireframed a set of UI’s that would effectively sell Rescue Me’s services to their target users.

Desktop and mobile designs for the Rescue Me website.

The result is a website that has focused messaging, a clear user interface, and distinct colour-scheme. A site that could effectively support their sales process by speaking directly to their target users and by providing quality sales leads.

More Work

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